About DiabetesIndia 2018

DiabetesIndia 2018 will be a unique experience as we have kept dedicated sessions on each specialty of diabetes such as Gestational Diabetes, Diabetic Foot, Type 1 Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition, Educator’s Workshop etc. We are expecting 4000 delegates to attend this meeting from various parts of India. We are organizing this conference with the aim of enhancing knowledge about Diabetes and its complications amongst physicians. We have invited more than 40 international & 160 national faculties who are experts in the field of diabetes and we would ensure that you will definitely cherish the scientific feast which will be provided you during   4 days.

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Program Outline

Program Outlines

Who should attend

Who should attend

  • Diabetologist
  • Physicians
  • Family Physicians
  • Resident Doctors
  • PG / UG Students
  • Internist Doctors
  • Nutritionists / Dietitians
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Health Care Professionals

Conference or Event Schedule / dont forget it

Registrations & Lunch

Warm up Session (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Dr. S. R. Aravind (Bengaluru)Dr. Sunil Gupta (Nagpur)

01:00PM - 01:20PM Type 2 diabetes in the 21st Century: current and ongoing challenges Dr. Luis Gardete Correa (Portugal)
01:20PM - 01:40PM Theme on Diabetes Education Dr. Florian Toti (Albania)
01:40PM - 02:00PM Evolution of diabetes care: "From patients centred care" to "personalized care" and "artificial intelligence" Dr. Messimo Benediitti (Italy)

International Speaker’s Program (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Dr. Abdul Madani (Kuwait)Dr. Debasish Basu (Kolkata)

02:00PM - 02:15PM The 5Ds : Diabetes, Depression, Denial, Dementia and Diabulemia Dr. Inass Shaltout (Egypt)
02:15PM - 02:30PM The Importance of Prevention of Hypoglycaemia in Diabetes Dr. Barkai Laszlo (Hungary)
02:30PM - 02:45PM Glycemic Outcomes beyond HbA1c Dr. Jao Raposo (Portugal)
02:45PM - 03:00PM Diabetes: Egypt v/s India: A tale of two Culture Dr. Mebah Kamel (Egypt)

Guest Lectures (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Dr. N. K. Sinha (Patna)Dr. Amit Gupta (Noida)

03:00PM - 03:00PM How Diabetes Organization can Influence Governemnt decisions for better care for People with Diabetes Dr. Vida Augustinine (Lithuania)
03:20PM - 03:40PM Comparing CV Outcome of Incretin based Therapy v/s SGLT2i Dr. Michael Herman (Belgium)
03:40PM - 04:00PM What Can we Learn from CVOT W.W. Algorithm for Target Dr. Sidartawan Saegondo (Indonesia)

Guest Lecutres (25 mins Lecture + 5 mins Discussion)
Dr. Jyotirmay Pal (Kolkata)Dr. P. K. Kundu

04:00PM - 04:20PM Pathogenesis of Micro & Macrovascular Complications: Are ther Common Pathways for both? Dr. Linong Ji (China)
04:20PM - 04:40PM In Hospital Management of Diabetes Dr. Ashim Sinha (Australia)
04:40PM - 05:00PM Gestation diabetes: Diagnosis and management: The role of nutrition in Asian-Indian subjects Dr. Akhtar Hussain (Norway)

Keynote Address
Dr. S. M. Sadikot (Mumbai)Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)

05:00PM - 05:30PM Global Challenges and Opportunities in Diabetes Prevention and Control - IDF Perspective Dr. Nam Han Cho (Korea)


05:30PM - 07:00PM Inauguration by Shri Debasish Sen (Managing Director - HIDCO)
Chief Guest: Prof. Nam Han Cho (President - IDF)
Guest of Honor: Dr. Sonia Sidhu (Member of Parlament - Canada)


Registrations & Lunch

Novo Consensus
Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)Dr. Biswajit Ghosh Dastidar (Kolkata)

  Insulin Treatment for elderly Dr. Sandip Jhulka (Indore)
    Dr. Pratap Jethwani (Rajkot)
    Dr. Anand Shankar (Patna)

Boehringer Ingelheim Consensus
Dr. A. Ramchandran (Chennai)Dr. A. H. Zargar (Srinagar)

  I Care for Diabetes: An Indian Consensus Algorithm on Managing T2DM from CVD risk perspective  
    Dr. Sunil Gupta (Nagpur)
    Dr. Sudhir Bhandari (Jaipur)
    Dr. Rahul Jain


Registrations & Lunch

Astrazeneca Consensus
Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan (Pune)Dr. A. K. Singh (Kolkata)

01:30PM - 03:30PM Positioning SGLT 2i in the Indian Population Dr. A. K. Singh (Kolkata)
    Dr. Supratik Bhattacharya
    Dr. Rahul Bhattacharya
    Dr. Soumyabrata Roychoudhari

Sanofi Consensus
Dr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)Dr. Kamlakar Tripathi (Varanasi)

  Role of integrated Care in Insulin treatment  
    Dr Rana Bhattacharya
    Dr Soumik Goswami
    Dr Anirban Sinha


Convtroversies (15 mins Talk + 3 mins Discussion)
Dr. R. K. MishraDr. A. K. Baliarsinha

09:00AM - 09:18AM Managing asymptomatic pyuria Dr. Ranjit Unnikrishnan (Chennai)
09:18AM - 09:36AM Drug treatment for asymptomatic hyperuricaemia Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta (Kolkata)
09:36AM - 09:54AM Vit D deficiency and metabolic complications – overhyped or reality? Dr. Ravi Saraogi (Kolkata)
09:54AM - 10:12AM Metformin in CKD – stop or continue Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan (Pune)
10:12AM - 10:30AM C-peptide measurement – a must for all young diabetics? Dr Rajesh Rajput (Rohtak)

Guest Lectures
Dr. Alok Kanungo (Bhubneshwar)Dr. Karuna Barman

10:30AM - 10:50AM Triple G - Genes, Gut, Glucose Establishing a Link Dr. Sudeshna Chatterjee (UK)
10:50AM - 11:10AM What is the real Risk of Hypoglycaemia in Type 2 diabetes? Dr. Nebojsa Lalic (Serbia)
11:10AM - 11:30AM Diabetes in Girls & Women in india - Difficult & Deadly Dr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)

State-of-the-art Lecture
A. K. Singh (Kolkata)Dr. Pratap Gupta (New Delhi)

11:30AM - 12:00PM In search of a modifiable susceptibility to diabetes in Indians Dr. C. S. Yajnik (Pune)

State-of-the-art Lecture
S. R. Aravind (Bengaluru)Dr. Bhaskar Ganguly (Kanpur)

12:00PM - 12:30PM Pharmacogenomics in diabetes Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
12:30PM - 01:00PM Global dimensions of Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus : where are we heading !!! Dr. A. H. Zargar (Srinagar)


International Speaker’s Program
Dr. Vinod Mittal (New Delhi)Dr. Shailesh Trivedi (Baroda)

02:00PM - 02:20PM Fat derived mesenchymal stromal cells, post aerobic exercise in prediabetic subjects  and role of MSCs as a tool for therapy in obesity and diabetes Dr. Sabyasachi Sen (USA)
02:20PM - 02:40PM The Role of Metabolic Surgery in Management of Type 2 Diabetes Dr. Adel El Sayed (Egypt)
02:40PM - 03:00PM TBA Dr. Jiten Vora (UK)

ISPAD Symposia
Dr. Rishi Shukla (Kanpur)Dr. Archana Sarda (Aurangabad)

03:00PM - 03:20PM Update on status of T1D care in the US and internationally Dr. David Maahs (USA)
03:20PM - 03:40PM Progress in the management of pediatric diabetes in the past 25 years Dr. Joseph Wolfsdorf (USA)
03:40PM - 04:00PM Goals of Treatment in Management of Type 1 Diabetes - An Individualized Approach Dr. Anju Virmani (New Delhi)
04:00PM - 04:15PM Discussion

Tea / Coffee Break

State-of-the-art Lecture
Dr. K. K. Pareek (Kota)Dr. Y. P. Munjal (New Delhi)

04:30PM - 04:50PM Changing scenario of non-communicable diseases in India Dr. Sarita Bajaj (Allahabad)
04:50PM - 05:10PM WNT & insulin signal in pancreatic beta cell Dr. Moon Kyu Lee (Korea)
05:10PM - 05:30PM Role of IR in Pathogenesis of Non Diabetic Conditions Dr. Siddharth Das (Cuttack)
05:30PM - 05:50PM Coronary artery calcium and Score charts in evaluating coronary heart disease risk in prediabetes Dr. Dora Bejic (Serbia)
05:50PM - 06:00PM Discussion

Novo Symposia
Dr. Mihir Saikia (Guwahati)Dr. D. K. Hazra (Agra)

06:00PM - 06:20PM Premix insulin; Simplifying insuilin therapy in clinical care Dr. Wasim Hanif (UK)
06:20PM - 06:40PM Triad of variability,hypoglycaemia and clinical outcomes with basal insulin analogues Dr. Danish Tutkumkandas (Denmark)
06:40PM - 07:00PM Prandial insulin analogues: getting closer to physiology Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)

MSD Symposia
Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)

07:00PM - 07:25PM Are We different? Incretin Effect & The Role of DPP4 Inhibitors in Asians Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
07:25PM - 08:00PM Panel Discussion: Moderator: Dr. A. K. Singh (Kolkata)
Panliests: Dr. Samit Ghosahl (Kolkata), Dr. K. K. Gangopadhyay (Kolkata), Dr. Binayak Sinha (Kolkata)

Pre Dinner Symposium (Janssen)
Dr Vinod Mittal (Delhi)Dr K E M Eashwar (Kota)

08:00PM - 08:30PM Diabetic Kidney Disease-An integrated approach Dr. Meg Jardine (Australia)
08:30PM - 09:00PM Cardiovascular outcomes of SGLT2i Dr. A. K. Singh (Kolkata)


Diabetes & Eye (15 mins Talk + 3 mins Discussion)
Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor (New Delhi)Dr Shirshendu Pal (Siliguri)

09:00AM - 09:18AM Pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy Dr. Kiran Shah (Mumbai)
09:18AM - 09:36AM Effect of glycaemic control and antidiabetes drugs on retinopathy Dr. Mathew John (Trivandrum)
09:36AM - 09:54AM Management of diabetic retinopathy Dr. Debasish Bairagi (Kolkata)
09:54AM - 10:12AM Setting up a diabetic retina screening programme Dr. Sugoto Pal (Kolkata)
10:12AM - 10:30AM Straight talk- An Endocrinologist message to opthalmologist Dr. Minal Mohit (Jaipur)

Dr. Amitabh Biswas (Durgapur)Dr Hemshankar Sharma (Bhagalpur)

10:30AM - 10:50AM The ideal Sulphonylurea (3 Dots) Dr. Ashish Dengra (Jabalpur)
10:50AM - 11:20AM The advantage of combining Sglt2i and a Dpp4i as a single pill - the Indian Perspective(BI) Dr. Sanjay Chatterjee (Kolkata)
11:20AM - 11:30AM Discussion


Eris Symposium
Dr. Narayan Deogaonkar (Nashik)Dr. S. S. Murthy (Nellore)

02:00PM - 02:25PM The Right CCB for Diabetic Hypertensives: Focus on Benidipine Dr. Siddharth N. Shah (Mumbai)
02:25PM - 02:50PM Diabetes Reversal in Newly Detected T2DM: A New Perspective Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan (Pune)
02:50PM - 03:00PM Discussion

Meet the Experts
Dr. Meena Chhabra (New Delhi)

  Young DM  
  Experts: Dr. A. H. Zargar (Srinagar), Dr. Subhankar Choudhary (Kolkata), Dr. Anil Bhansali (Chandigarh); Presenter: Ajoy Biswas  
  Moderator: Dr. Sanjeev Phatak (Ahmedabad)
  Managing a 65 year old man with diabetes well controlled on OADs, a recent CABG and severe neuropathic pain; Presenter: Soumabrata Raychowdhury  
  Experts: Dr. P. V. Rao (Hyderabad), Dr. D. Maji (Kolkata), Dr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)  

Tea / Coffee Break

Dr Soumitra Ghosh (Kolkata)Dr. Deepak Yagnik (Kanpur)

04:30PM - 04:50PM Diet in diabetes – myths and misconceptions Dr. Shilpa Joshi (Mumbai)
04:50PM - 05:10PM Food additives – are they safe ? Dr. Anil Virmani (Jamshedpur)
05:10PM - 05:30PM Exercise in diabetes - practical tips Dr. Vinay Dhandania (Ranchi)
05:30PM - 05:50PM Pollution and diabetes: any link? Dr. N. K. Singh (Dhanbad)
05:50PM - 06:00PM Discussion


Modern Concepts / Drugs (15 mins Talk + 3 mins Discussion)
Dr. Jyoti DebDr. Vasanth Kumar (Hyderabad)

09:00AM - 09:18AM Gut microbiome and metabolic disease Dr. Sanjeev Phatak (Ahmedabad)
09:18AM - 09:36AM Cancer and antidiabetic drugs Dr. Sachin Chittawar (Bhopal)
09:36AM - 09:54AM Pharmacological lowering of lipids beyond statins Dr. Prasun Deb (Hyderabad)
09:54AM - 10:12AM Non insulin drug treatment of Type 1 DM Dr. Anirban Majumdar (Kolkata)
10:12AM - 10:30AM Non injectable insulin – have we made any progress? Dr. Urman Dhruv (Ahmedabad)

Obesity gut and diabetes Talks
Dr. Ashish Basu (Kolkata)Dr. P. S. Mondal (Kolkata)

10:30AM - 10:55AM Diabesity - The Clinical Concern Dr Sujoy Ghosh (Kolkata)
10:55AM - 11:20AM The Gut Brain Connect Dr. Sujoy Majumdar (Kolkata)
11:20AM - 11:30AM Discussion


Dr. Anil Kumar Reddy (Nellore)Dr. Sibabrata Banerjee

02:00PM - 02:25PM Harnessing the Potential Benefit of Human Insulin : Clinical Benefits of U200 & Evidence Dr. Sudhir Bhandari (Jaipur)
02:25PM - 02:50PM SURGE: Scientific Guidance in Understanding and Representing the AGI Combinations in Glycaemic Pentad (Abbott) Dr. B. M. Makkar (New Delhi)
02:50PM - 03:00PM Cardiovascular Safety of Sus - Key learnings Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan (Chennai)

Workshop: Insulin – Everything that a Physicians need to Know
Dr. Ajay Kumar (Patna)

03:00PM - 03:15PM Setting the scene: Physiology and metabolism of insulins, history and milestones, Insulin Profiles Dr. Sharmishtha Mukherjee (Kolkata)
03:15PM - 03:30PM Case study 1 : Insulin regimens for initiation in T2DM Dr. Supratik Bhattacharya (Kolkata)
03:30PM - 03:45PM Case study 2 : Insulin regimens for intensification in T2DM Dr. Kaushik Pandit
03:45PM - 04:00PM Dosing & titration of insulins: Hands on Experience Dr. Ajay Kumar (Patna)
04:00PM - 04:15PM Practical considerations : Safety, storage, injection technique and insulin, delivery devices Dr. Bhavna Sosale (Bengaluru)

Tea / Coffee Break

Apurba MukherjeeDr M K Mukherjee (Kolkata)

04:30PM - 05:15PM Diet & Exercise Remains the Corner Sone of Diabetes Management
Yes Dr. Arundhati Dasgupta (Kolkata)
No Dr. Sanjay Reddy (Bengaluru)
05:15PM - 06:00PM Insulin - The best agent to Preserve Beta Cells
Yes Dr. Neeta Deshpande (Belgaum)
No Dr. Altamash Shaikh (Mumbai)


Workshop: Hypertension & Dyslipidemia in DM
Dr. A. Muruganathan (Thirurpur)

  Dyslipidemia - what a physician should know Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar (Mumbai)
  Hypertension - what a physician should know Dr. Narsing Verma (Lucknow)

Early Action in Diaebtes
Dr Anirban MajumdarDr. Pankaj Parikh (Anand)

10:30AM - 10:50AM Type 2 Diabetes in India: Relavance of Early Action & National Action Plan Dr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)
10:50AM - 11:10AM Women & Diabetes Dr. Usha Sriram (Chennai)
11:10AM - 11:30AM Making India Diabetes Free - A Promise to be Kept, A Mission to be Fulfilled Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)


Dr. Sunil Jain (Indore)Dr. Saurabh Mishra (Kanpur)

  Devices in Diabetes - Everything that a Physicians needs to Know  
  Dr. Sunil Jain (Indore), Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum), Dr. Pratik Choudhary (UK), Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)  

Product Theatre
Dr. Debasish Maji (Kolkata)

03:00PM - 03:25PM ARNI: A paradigm shift in diabetics with heart failure Dr. P. K. Hazra (Kolkata)
03:25PM - 04:50PM DPP4i: The right OAD for Indian patients Dr. Samar Bandyopadhyay (Kolkata)
03:50PM - 04:15PM Debate: DPP-IV + Metformin as the drug of Choice in Newly Diagnosed Patient
Yes Dr. Soumik Goswami
No Dr. Sunil Kota

Tea / Coffee Break

Workshop – Common Medico Legal Issues in Medical Practice
Dr. Jayanta DasDr. Mamta Jain (Mumbai)

04:30PM - 04:50PM   Hon. Chamelia Majumdar (Retired Judge)
04:50PM - 05:10PM   Shampa Banerjee
05:10PM - 05:30PM   Tamal Chatterjee
05:30PM - 05:50PM   Prasant Karn
05:50PM - 06:00PM   Dr Simantika Ghosh


Diabetes & Pregnancy
Dr. Lilly Rodrigues (Hyderabad)Dr Mary D`Cruz (Kolkata)

09:00AM - 09:18AM Gestational diabetes : an underestimated epidemic Dr. Usha Sriram (Chennai)
09:18AM - 09:36AM Screening and diagnosis of GDM – the latest Dr. P. V. Rao (Hyderabad)
09:36AM - 09:54AM Use of oral anti diabetics in pregnant diabetics – the current evidence Dr. Shailaja Kale (Pune)
09:54AM - 10:12AM Peripartum management of diabetes Dr. Kalpana Dash (Raipur)
10:12AM - 10:30AM PCOS - Role of Metformin in conception & pregnancy outcomes Dr. S. K. Singh (Varanasi)

International Speaker’s Program
Dr. Jaiprakash Sai (Hyderabad)Dr Debasish Giri

10:30AM - 10:50AM Low Carbohydrate vs Other Diets Dr. Tatjana Milenkovic (Macedonia)
10:50AM - 11:10AM Camps for youth and adults: negative and positive experience Dr. Iryna Vlasenko (Ukraine)
11:10AM - 11:30AM Recent advances in managing diabetic retinopathy Dr. Sehnaz Karadeniz (Istanbul)

State-of-the-art Lecture
Dr. D. Maji (Kolkata)Dr. Deepak Dalal (Mumbai)

11:30AM - 12:00PM Diabetes Team Work In India - Myth or Reality Dr. Sudip Chatterjee (Kolkata)

State-of-the-art Lecture
Dr. Y. Sadashiv Rao (Vijaywada)Dr Pradip Raychowdhury (Kolkata)

12:00PM - 12:30PM GDM is the mother of NCD Dr. V. Seshiah (Chennai)
12:30PM - 01:00PM Are we increasing fracture risk by treating diabetes Dr. Ambrish Mithal (New Delhi)


Special Topics
Dr. Kandula Sai (Rajamudhry)Dr Moutusi Raychowdhury (Kolkata)

02:00PM - 02:20PM Alpha and beta cell changes in Type 2 diabetes Dr. Krishna Seshadri (Chennai)
02:20PM - 02:40PM Lipid subfraction and its implications Dr. S. K. Wangnoo (New Delhi)
02:40PM - 03:00PM Individualized Diabetes Care : KISS (Keep It Simple & Safe) Dr. Anil Bhoraskar (Mumbai)

ATTD Symposium
Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)

03:00PM - 03:20PM Smart technology in diabetes Dr. Pratik Chaudhary (UK)
03:20PM - 03:40AM The use of technology in diabetes to increase the Time in Range Dr. Tadej Batelino (Slovakia)
03:40PM - 04:00PM Artificial Pancreas Dr. Thomas Danne (Germany)
04:00PM - 04:15PM Discussion

Tea / Coffee Break

Dr. Narsingh Verma (Lucknow)Dr. J. K. Mokta (Simla)

04:30PM - 4:50PM Diabetes and Stroke – where are we today Dr. Brij Mohan (Kanpur)
04:50PM - 05:10PM Glycaemic control for a man with an acute MI Dr. Debmalya Sanyal (Kolkata)
05:10PM - 05:30PM Screening for heart disease in asymptomatic diabetics Dr. Sanjay Agarwal (Pune)
05:30PM - 05:50PM Revisiting STENO 2 Dr. S. R. Aravind (Bengaluru)
05:50PM - 06:00PM Discussion

BI Symposia
Dr. O. P. Sharma (New Delhi)Dr. A. K. Jhingan (New Delhi)

06:00PM - 06:20PM CVOTs in T2DM: Implications to Pratice Dr. Sanjay Kaul (USA)
06:20PM - 06:40PM Evolving Landscape of DPP4 Inhibitors CVOTs : Focus on Upcoming Trials Dr. Ambrish Mithal (New Delhi)
06:40PM - 07:00PM Panel Discussion

Pre Dinner Symposium (Astrazeneca)
Dr. Subhankar Chowdhury

07:00PM - 07:25PM SGLT2 Inhibition and Heart - A Cardiologist perpective Dr. M. Kosiborod (USA)
07:25PM - 08:00PM Panel discussion
Moderator: Dr. Binayak Sinha (Kolkata)
Panelists: Dr. A. K. Singh, Samit Ghoshal, Dr. K. K. Gangopadhyay, Dr. Subir Ray, Dr. P. K. Hazra

USV Symposia
Dr P S ChatterjeeDr Sanjay Chatterjee

08:00PM - 08:20PM Ideal combo for diabetes - sulphonylurea + metformin + pioglitazone Dr. Vijay Panikar (Mumbai)
08:20PM - 08:40PM Gliptins - 10 yrs of increasing confidence Dr. Anand Moses (Chennai)
08:40PM - 09:00PM Cardio and renal protection with SGLT2i Dr. Arvind Gupta (Jaipur)

Gala Dinner

Dr. Anand Shankar (Patna)Dr Arvind Arya (Jamshedpur)

09:00AM - 09:18AM Management of painful diabetic neuropathy Dr. Rakesh Sahay (Hyderabad)
09:18AM - 09:36AM Erectile dysfunction : A clue into the heart? Dr. Mithun Bhartia (Guwahati)
09:36AM - 09:54AM To screen for Autonomic neuropathy - why and how? Clinical tools and simple tests Dr. Anuj Maheshwari (Lucknow)
09:54AM - 10:12AM Diabetic Gastroparesis – an update Dr. Sambit Das (Bhubneshwar)
10:12AM - 10:30AM Silent MI in Diabetes Dr. S. K. Sharma (Jaipur)

Dr Masood BatinDr Saibal Chakraborty (Kolkata)

10:30AM - 10:50AM Diabetic Dyslipidemia Dr. S. N. Narsingan (Chennai)
10:50AM - 11:10AM Choosing Sus - A matter of Selectivity Dr. Alok Kanungo (Bhubneshwar)
11:10AM - 11:30AM Metformin : 60 Years of Journey & Future Perspective Dr. Samar Banerjee (Kolkata)


Dr. Subhankar Chowdhury (Kolkata)Dr. B B Sarkar

02:00PM - 02:15PM Hydroxychloroquine - the Novel Anti Hyperglycemic Agent (Ipca) Dr. Meena Chhabra (New Delhi)
02:15PM - 02:30PM Are all Gliptins same? Dr. Hemant Thacker (Mumbai)
02:30PM - 02:45PM Atherogenic Diabetes Dyslipidemia - Role of Saroglitazar (Zydus) Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor (New Delhi)
02:45PM - 03:00PM Biosimilar - Is it the way forward? Dr. G. R. Sridhar (Vizag)

Type 1 Diabetes
Dr. G. D. Ramchandani (Kota)Dr. Debasish Basu (Kolkata)

03:00PM - 03:20PM The latest understanding of the pathophysiology of type 1 diabetes Dr. S. S. Srikantha (Bengaluru)
03:20PM - 03:40AM Insulin pumps vs. MDI – what is the current position in Type 1 diabetes Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)
03:40PM - 04:00PM Islet cell transplantation – the holy grail for type 1 diabetes Dr. Archana Sarda (Aurangabad)
04:00PM - 04:15PM PANEL DISCUSSION: WOMEN WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES (Moderator: Dr. Usha Sriram; Panelist: Dr. Neeta Deshpande, Dr. Lilly Rodriguz, Dr. Benny Neglur , Dr. Shailaja Kale

Tea / Coffee Break

Newer Therapies
Dr Shankarnath JhaDr Pradip Mukherjee (Kolkata)

04:30PM - 4:50PM Redefining Control: The Next Generation Insulin Glargine Dr. Geremiah Bolli
04:50PM - 05:10PM Initial Combination Therapy for the management of new onset type 2 Diabetes Dr. J. J. Mukherjee (Kolkata)
05:10PM - 05:30PM Glycemic Variability : The Overlooked Aspect In T2DM Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)
05:30PM - 05:50PM Once weekly GLP1 RAs Dr. Arpan Deb Bhattacharya (Bengaluru)
05:50PM - 06:00PM Discussion

Gala Dinner

In Patient Management
Dr. Sushrut Bandyopadhyay (Kolkata)Dr. Sanjay Shah (Kolkata)

09:00AM - 09:20AM ICCU treatment for diabetes Dr. Vijay Negalur (Mumbai)
09:20AM - 09:40AM Inpatient management of diabetes in special situations Dr. Rishi Shukla (Kanpur)
09:40AM - 10:00AM Peri operative management of diabetes Dr. Rajiv Kovil (Mumbai)
10:00AM - 10:30AM "PANEL DISCUSSION: What do other specialists want from the diabetologist in in patient care - a perspective Moderator: Dr. Subir Roy (Kolkata)"
Panelists: Dr. Yashish Paliwal (Kolkata), Dr. D. K. Roy (Kolkata), Dr. JBC, Dr. Sugoto Pal (Kolkata)

Industry Sponsored Talks
Dr. S. Arulrhaj (Tuticorin)Dr. V. Sekhar (Coimbatore)

10:30AM - 10:55AM Limitation of HbA1c: Flash Glucose Monitoring - Clinical Use (ADC) Dr. Ritu Johri (Mumbai)
10:55AM - 11:20AM Gut Microbiome - Newer Vistas in Diabetes Management Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
11:20AM - 11:30AM Discussion


Dr Ankit Srivastava (Ranchi)Dr Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay (Kolkata)

02:00PM - 02:15PM Point of Care in Managing Diabetes (alere - abott) Dr. Arun Shankar (Trivandrum)
02:15PM - 02:30PM Controlling Post Prandial Glucose is most Crucial in reaching Glycemic Target (Medley) Dr. Subhankar Chowdhury (Kolkata)
02:30PM - 02:45PM Cardiovascular Safety of Sulphonylureas (DRL) Dr. Tejas Shah (Mumbai)
02:45PM - 03:00PM Gliptin use in Early Diabetes Dr. Samar Banerjee (Kolkata)

Dr. Pratap Jethwani (Rajkot)Dr J J Mukherjee (Kolkata)

03:00PM - 03:35PM Ketones in Diaebtes
Hero Dr. Anjanli Bhatt (Pune)
Villain Dr. Sandeep Tank (Jodhur)
03:35PM - 04:15PM Should we Vaccinate all Diaebtic agaisnt Flu & Pnuemonia?
Yes Dr. V. K. Abichandani (Ahmedabad)
No Dr Anand Shankar (Patna)

Tea / Coffee Break

Free Papers
Dr. K. K. Gangopadhyay (Kolkata)

04:30PM - 4:40PM Validating amit jain's staging system for cellulitis in diabetic lower limb-The first staging system for cellulitis from indian subcontinent Harshita R.
04:40PM - 4:50PM Efficacy of DPP-4 Inhibitors in asian indian type 2 DM poorly controlled on atleast 3 oral anti diabetic drugs Tejas Satchit Kumar
04:50PM - 5:00PM New approach to insulin pump initiation Saurabh Mishra
05:00PM - 5:10PM Coronary artery calcium & score charts in evaluating coronary heart disease risk in prediabetes Teodora Beljic Zivkovic
05:10PM - 5:20PM Energy booster approach to touch people with T1DM "A Fashion show" Manisha Gupta
05:20PM - 5:30PM Evaluation of association of vitamin D insufficiency with gestational diabetes mellitus Swati Sharma
05:30PM - 5:40PM Impaired visual contrast sensitivity function before morphological alteration in retina of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients Subhasish Pramanik
05:40PM - 05:50PM DKA in IDDM with cavitatory pulmonary disease in young BPO worker Ganesh Gore
05:50PM - 06:00PM Study to evaluate prevalence of erectile dysfunction & its associated risk factors in male type 2 diabetes patients Sachin B. Gathe

Gala Dinner

Foot Workshop
Dr. Ghanshyam Goyal (Kolkata)Dr. Hardik Chandarana (Ahmedabad)

09:00AM - 09:25AM Evaluation of neuropathy Dr. Sujoy Majumdar (Kolkata)
09:25AM - 09:50AM Evaluation of ischaemia/ Peripheral vascular disease Dr. Ashu Rastogi (Chandigarh)
09:50AM - 10:15AM Different offloading modalities (In Resource constrain setting) Dr. Ahmed Reja (Ethiopia)
10:15AM - 10:40AM Diabetic foot infection management Dr. Sharad Pandsey (Nagpur)
10:40AM - 11:10AM What is new in Diabetic Foot Dr. Sharad Pandsey (Nagpur)
11:10AM - 11:30AM Practical Demonstration of Instruments Dr. Ghanshyam Goyal (Kolkata)


Eye Program
Dr. Masood Batin

02:00PM - 02:15PM Role of Physician in Screening for DR - IS 'refer' or "no refer" sufficient? Dr. S. R. Aravind (Bengaluru)
02:15PM - 02:30PM Cost Effective Hardware: Problems and Solutions Dr. Anand Sivaraman (Singapore)
02:30PM - 02:45PM Integration of Artificial Intelligence - Use of AI in making right decisions Mr. Bhargav Sosale (Singapore)
02:45PM - 03:00PM Discussion

Hypoglycemia Workshop – Implications & Treatment
Dr. Anil Bhoraskar (Mumbai)

03:00PM - 03:20PM Diagnostic criteria of hypoglycaemia Dr. Shekhar Chakraborthy (Kolkata)
03:20PM - 03:40PM Tips to manage hypoglycaemia Dr. Sanjay Srivastava (Jamshedpur)
03:40PM - 04:00PM Implications of Hypoglycaemia Dr. Sandeep Mathur (Jaipur)
04:00PM - 04:15PM Discussion

Tea / Coffee Break

Workshop – When to refer to a Specialist?
Dr. Prasun Deb (Hyderabad)

04:30PM - 05:15PM For Microvascular Complications Dr. Subir Roy (Kolkata)
05:15PM - 06:00PM For Macrovascular complications Dr. Urman Dhruv (Ahmedabad)

Gala Dinner

The Kidneys
Dr. O. P. Sharma (New Delhi)Dr J K Sharma (Delhi)

09:00AM - 09:20AM Differentiating diabetic nephropathy from non diabetic kidney disease in diabetics Dr. Navneet Shah (Ahmedabad)
09:20AM - 09:40AM Treatment of hypertension, dyslipidaemia in diabetic nephropathy Dr. Jamal Ahmad (Aligarh)
09:40AM - 10:00AM Anti diabetics in diabetic nephropathy Dr. Sujeet Jha (New Delhi)
10:00AM - 10:20AM Maintaining glycaemic control in patients on dialysis Dr. Jayant Panda (Cuttack)
10:20AM - 10:40AM The role of protein restriction in DKD amongst Indians Dr. Rajesh Rajput (Rohtak)
10:40AM - 11:00AM Calcium metabolism and its management in DKD Dr. Madhukar Mittal (Lucknow)

State-of-the-art Lecture
Dr. Samit Ghoshal (Kolkata)Dr S K Sharma (Jaipur)

11:00AM - 11:30AM Realigning therapy for diabetes with diet and medication in the young - what's new. Dr. Nihal Thomas (Vellore)

Plenary Session
Dr. G. Vijaykumar (Chennai)Dr Mohua Sikdar

11:30AM - 12:00PM Glycemic status of Indian women with previous GDM Dr. Nikhil Tandon (New Delhi)
12:00PM - 12:30PM Nutrient Manipulation for Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes: Evidence from Indian Studies Dr. Anoop Misra (New Delhi)
12:30PM - 01:00PM A novel mechanism to explain increased plasma DPP-IV activity in Indian Type2 diabetes Dr. Satinath Mukherjee (Kolkata)


Dr. Sujoy MajumdarDr. D. Bhuinya

09:00AM - 09:20AM Pancreatic Diabetes Dr. G. Vijaykumar (Chennai)
09:20AM - 09:40AM FCPD – The Eastern India Experience Dr. Sujoy Ghosh (Kolkata)
09:40AM - 10:00AM Thyroid function tests for all diabetics? Dr. S. V. Madhu (New Delhi)
10:00AM - 10:20AM The challenge of managing an aging population with diabetes Dr. Abhay Sahoo (Bhubneshwar)
10:20AM - 10:40AM Diabetes in Shift Workers Dr. Shalini Jaggi (New Delhi)
10:40AM - 11:00AM Erectile Dysfunction is a correctile Dysfunction? Dr. Deepak Jumani (Mumbai)


The Liver
Dr. Mihir Saikia (Guwahati)Dr. Debasish Maji (Kolkata)

09:00AM - 09:20AM Glycaemic control in CLD Dr. Rajeev Chawla (New Delhi)
09:20AM - 09:40AM Metabolic syndrome of the Liver Dr. Tirthankar Choudhary (Kolkata)
09:40AM - 10:00AM An overview of the trials of anti diabetics and bariatric surgery in NAFLD Dr. Sameer Agarwal (Rohtak)
10:00AM - 10:30AM Panelists: Dr. B. B. Pal (Kolkata), Dr. Ashu Rastogi (New Delhi), Dr Tirthankar Chowdhury (Kolkata)


Free Papers
Dr. Urman Dhruv (Ahmedabad)

09:00AM - 09:10AM Level of satisfaction with the diabetes care providers among diabetics in a periurban area of goa Umesh Subhash Kamat
09:10AM - 09:20AM Mid meal snacking in management of indian type 2 DM patients:challenges & way forward Gaurav Saxena
09:20AM - 09:30AM A study on diabetes & oral health among esi beneficiaries in pondicherry Palash Kumar Sanyal
09:30AM - 09:40AM Blood glucose & risk of cardiovascular disease among school going children & adolescents of asian indian origin Partha Sarathi Datta
09:40AM - 09:50AM A study of homocysteine level and coagulation time in type 2 DM patients Vibhor Upadhyay
09:50AM - 10:00AM Dysglycemic detection drive in bangalore(east) under the aegis of KRSSDI-2017 Raja Selvarajan
10:00AM - 10:10AM Equating diabetic foot with diabetes mellitus and oncology through amit jain's system of practice - the new innovative indian approach Harshitha R.
10:10AM - 10:20AM To assess the efficacy of teneligliptin with metformin in drug navie type 2 subjects Deepak Chudasama
10:20AM - 10:30AM A patient based retrospective cohort study of 12 weeks to assess glycemic and non-glycemic changes with SGLT2i from data base of 6 type 2 diabetic patients Sayak Roy
10:30AM - 10:40AM Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease & associated risk factors among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending diabetic clinic Abhay Kumar
10:40AM - 10:50AM Nonenzymatic glycosylation of human serum albumin & its effect on antibodies profile in patients with diabetes mellitus Alok Raghav
10:50AM - 11:00AM Organizing education through camps for elderly with diabetes Teodora Beljic Zivkovic


More than 40 International and 160 National Faculties

More than 200 Oral/Poster Research Papers

Last date for Abstract Submission 15th January, 2018

Last date for Registration 31st January, 2018

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Dr. K. K Gangopadhyay
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